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About Bryant Hammett & Associates

Bryant Hammett, PE/PLS, founded BHA in 1984. What began as a small four-person firm has expanded to over 30 employees in four locations.  Our central locations allow us to work easily throughout Louisiana and in neighboring states.

BHA is a licensed Civil Engineering firm and a licensed Land Surveying Firm.  Professionals each have decades of experience in their respective fields, ensuring all facets of projects are addressed from initial project funding to close out.

The firm began primarily by serving small, local municipalities. The team at BHA continues to work with these clients in coordinating, permitting, identifying and addressing problems, assisting with rate structures, and securing funding sources through grants and bonds.

BHA is a HUBZone business certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration and is certified under the Small Entrepreneurship Program as a Hudson Initiative Certified Firm by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

Our Staff

BHA maintains a staff of highly qualified, experienced and licensed engineers, surveyors, technicians, cost estimators, GIS managers, certified floodplain managers, administrators, disaster recovery subject matter experts, inspectors, CADD operators and clerical support.


BHA Ferriday Office Staff


BHA Harahan Office Staff

Meet Our Professionals

Bryant O. Hammett, Jr, P.E., P.L.S.
Bryant-Hammett Bryant Hammett is the sole proprietor and manager of Bryant Hammett & Associates, LLC. Hammett began his professional career in 1978 upon graduating with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. He is a registered professional Civil Engineer, professional Environmental Engineer, and Professional Land Surveyor, and serves as the engineer of record for numerous municipalities and parishes in Louisiana. He is registered as a Civil Engineer in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Hammett has been the surveyor and engineer of record for numerous types of projects including wastewater collection and treatment; water treatment, transmission, and distribution; off-system bridges; levee systems; construction servitudes, and roadway and drainage.

Keith Capdepon, Jr, P.E.
Keith-Capdepon Keith Capdepon is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Louisiana and has been practicing for over 35 years, working for BHA since 1998. Capdepon graduated from Mississippi State University with B.S. in Civil Engineering.

He has owned a construction company licensed in heavy construction, highway, street and bridge construction, utilities, and public works construction. Capdepon specializes in managing large-scale projects from inception to project closeout, responsible for the overall design, execution, and coordination of complex projects.

He holds the firms Contractor’s License: Building Construction, Heavy Construction, Highway/Street/Bridge Construction, Municipal and Public Works Construction. Capdepon has decades of experience in projects funded through CDBG, FEMA, and HUD.

Hugh ‘Bud’ McCurdy, III, P.L.S.
Hugh-McCurdy Hugh ‘Bud’ McCurdy, III is a registered land surveyor in Louisiana with 50 years’ experience in land surveying, beginning his career as a rodman in 1973 in Plaquemines Parish.

He is involved in all aspects of boundary/property surveys for real estate transfer and the surveying required for engineering, rights-of-way acquisition, and construction projects, and is responsible for courthouse research and coordination of work.

McCurdy has provided surveying services for oyster leases; pre- and post-dredging; construction projects, roadway design, drainage design, sewer/water/wastewater design, pipelines, accident sites, and boundary establishment.

Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards has over 25 years of experience implementing all phases of federally-funded programs. She is responsible for overall contract management of all engineering projects for the company.

She is also responsible for the administrative functions of the firm. Her duties include preparing contract documents and technical specifications for projects; assisting in preparation of contractors’ pay estimates and change orders; and overseeing administrative aspects of all engineering and survey projects regarding timelines and budget.

During her tenure at BHA, Edwards has contributed to numerous projects funded through federal and state agencies and programs, including FEMA, GOHSEP, HMGP, CDBG and others. She provides services related to regulatory agency approvals, preparation of bid documents, and assistance with contractor selection for these projects.

Brant Jones
Brant-Jones Brant Jones recently joined BHA as a civil engineer/project manager. Mr. Jones has dual degrees, graduating from ULM with a B.S. in Construction Management and from Louisiana Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is adept in the surveying field, as well as materials testing for asphalt, concrete, and soils. He has over 20 years of experience in civil engineering projects, from new road design to sewer and water rehabilitation.

Mr. Jones manages the day-to-day activities on engineering projects, overseeing any required surveying, providing preliminary design services, and monitoring the overall construction management of the project.

He has served as a survey manager, provided design and construction oversight, contract administration, and overall project management.

Melonie Ellzey, CFM
Melonie-Ellzey Melonie Ellzey manages the company’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Activities. She currently oversees the construction supervision of properties in home elevation or reconstruction programs and is a licensed Certified Floodplain Manager. She provides construction plan development and plan review, construction kickoff meetings, site visits, milestone inspections, monitoring of property closeout, and various other tasks. Previous mitigation experience includes the development, implementation, supervision, and management of HMA programs for GOHSEP and the private sector.

Working directly for GOHSEP, she provided outreach and development of grant applications including data collection, BCA development, budgeting and mapping, as well as financial audit and programmatic review of all projects for reimbursement eligibility and payment processing at the State Government level.

Jeff Carey, CFM, PLS

Jeff Carey, CFM, PLS is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Louisiana; he is a licensed residential contractor and a Certified Floodplain Manager. He is an ATSSA registered Traffic Control Supervisor, Technician and Flagger.

As a land surveyor for BHA, Carey manages fieldwork, oversees data collection, performs calculations, and provides field-checking duties at project completion. He manages boundary and topographic surveys and all surveying activity required for engineering, rights-of-way, and construction projects. He has managed several projects from project inception to completion on numerous roadway projects, levee construction projects, property boundary surveys, topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys, GPS static surveys for horizontal and vertical control, planimetric surveys, and elevation certificates.

Chandler Jordan, III

Jeff-Carey Chandler Jordan has over 25 years’ experience and joined BHA in 2008; he is a project manager for several large scale projects and has vast experience in construction, demolition, and environmental remediation and policy.  Jordan has experience performing all phases of environmental assessments on commercial and municipal properties and has managed the statewide demolition of Road Home properties devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Jordan has experience in completing Environmental Review Records to satisfy HUD requirements as directed by the Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit.  He has worked as a closeout specialist and has experience with FEMA’s Project Worksheets, Cost Estimating Format (CEF) for large projects, and Construction Cost estimating programs.

Celebrating Anniversaries

We love celebrating accomplishments at BHA! A big congratulations to these amazing employees on their work anniversaries this 1st quarter.

Jane Greer: 28 years

Keith Capdepon: 26 years

Jeff Carey: 12 years

Greg Toepfer: 8 years

Kelly Hollingsworth: 3 years

Jeff Dumestre: 2 years



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