Land Surveying

Bryant Hammett & Associates, LLC (BHA) is a full-service land surveying firm registered in Louisiana and offers a wide range of surveying services, including:

    • Boundary And Control Surveys
    • ALTA Surveys
    • Hydrographic Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Right-Of-Way Determination
    • Control For Photogrammetric Surveys And Aerial Photography
    • Establishing Benchmarks
    • Accident Site Surveys
    • Wetlands Delineation
    • Construction Surveys/Construction Layout
    • Utility Layout
    • Pipeline Surveys
    • Elevation Certificates
    • Subdivision Design And Layout

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Our CADD technicians have over 30 years of combined experience in producing 3D planimetric drawings, topographic and contour maps, right-of-way maps, boundary plats, cross section diagrams and field data points; BHA utilizes AutoCAD, Intellicad, and Microstation/InRoads drafting software and DeLorme mapping software in an effort to meet the deliverable format required by any client.

Survey Crews We have the ability to run several survey crews simultaneously. Crew members have experience in many different types of surveying and possess TWIC cards, in addition to being certified in:

Traffic Control standards (ATSSA)

OSHA Basic Plus training

Certified Survey Technician (CST)

Several site specific trainings

LiDAR Application BHA recently began testing the application for mobile LiDAR and drone data collection for levee surveys. Surveying and subsequent monitoring of CPRA restoration and protection projects utilizing mobile and drone LiDAR, as opposed to aerial LiDAR and conventional surveying, has the opportunity to provide efficiencies, accuracies and data management not available through conventional survey methods currently utilized.

GULFNet BHA’s association and membership with the LSU’s Center for GeoInformatics (C4G) GULFNet system allows us to provide our services efficiently, accurately and in a relatively short time span. GULFNet is a high precision GPS Network of Continually Operating GPS Reference Stations (CORS) used to measure horizontal and vertical deformation across the Gulf Coast; the network extends from east Texas across to Alabama and up into northern Louisiana.

BHA also uses TopNET, a Real Time GNSS Reference Network delivering high accuracy positioning data to rovers.

When GPS surveying is not applicable or available, BHA also provides conventional surveying and mapping using control leveling and traverse methods that fit the particular project scope.


Bryant O. Hammett, Jr, P.E./P.L.S., #4552 (1983)

Hugh ‘Bud’ McCurdy, III P.L.S. #4647 (1991)

Types of Surveys:

ALTA Survey

Survey in accordance with the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Engineers; an ALTA survey is a detailed map of the land showing all existing improvements of the property, utilities, and significant observations. The survey details findings concerning the property boundaries and how it relates to title, delineating or making note of all easements and exceptions cited within the title commitment for insurance.

Boundary Surveys

Surveying services to determine property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in a deed, identifying any easements or encroachments. Plat will show boundary lines, structures and dimensions. Used for permitting, construction and real estate transactions

Builder’s Packages

Provides many services needed for the construction or a new home or building. Services include:

  • Boundary Survey
  • Construction Benchmark
  • Elevation of top of Forms
  • Survey showing Form Location
  • Slab Elevation Certificate after slab pour
  • Final Elevation Certificate
  • No Work Affidavit

Construction Layout

Staking of buildings, utilities, roadways, etc for construction

Elevation Certificates

Certificates showing Base Flood Elevation and structure information; used for flood insurance or permitting based on current FEMA guidelines

Hydrogaphic/Bathymetric Surveys

Survey of physical features present underwater; measuring factors beneath the water that could affect marine activities such as dredging, marine construction, drilling, port activities, pier construction. Can be used to monitor coastline erosion, provide data for hurricane recovery programs, measure depths, compute volumes for dredging projects.

Pipeline Surveys

Survey of land before a pipeline is laid to determine position, depth and length; includes preliminary survey, right-of-way acquisition survey, construction staking and final as-builts.

Topographic Surveys

Survey of all visible features and contours of a property and apparent rights-of-way. As well as above ground features such as buildings, trees, fences, sidewalks, manholes, driveways, utility poles, above ground utilities, etc.